Tues 20h30 to 21h30
Derech Hashem – 
Rosh HaKollel

Sun and Thurs 20h30 to 21h15
Gemorah shiur Sanhedrin – R R Rootstein

Sun to Wed between Mincha/Maariv
Dirshu Halocha for teenage boys – R D Hurwitz

Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed between Mincha/Maariv
Shulchan Aruch HaRav – Choshen Mishpat – Rosh HaKollel

Daily at 06h30 before 2
nd minyan
Hilchos Shabbos – R M Tuch

Daily from 08h00 to 10h30
Businessman learning programme – R M Edelman



R E Sussman  :      07h15 before 1st Minyan – Tanach Shiur

Rosh Hakollel:     After Mussaf 1st Minyan – Parsha insights

R G Gilbert  :        After Kiddush – Halochas of Shabbos

R D Connack  :     After Kiddush – Mishna Berurah Hilchos Shabbos

R E Auerbach  :    30 mins before Mincha – Pirkei Avos with Meforshim

R E Sussman  :    30 mins before Mincha – Hilchos Brochos- Mishna Berura