Anonymous Direct Assistance Campaign To Help Families in Need
And to Keep the Operations at Kollel Yad Shaul Going

As we all know, the world has changed in the last month as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The Kollel and some of its members need assistance.

Several regular members of the Kollel community are facing financial hardship; where possible, they have applied for external support, but they have no way of knowing if and when it will arrive. The Chesed Verachamim team will arange for donated funds to be directed to those in need. In addition, The Kollel itself is facing critical times as we are struggling to meet the operating costs of the Beis Hamidrosh and support for the nucleus of the Kollel, the avreichim.

Kollel Yad Shaul asks that if you are fortunate enough to have financial resources available that you consider making a donation by participating in this special fund-raising drive. While all three elements are important, please put the individuals and families that have pressing needs first.

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The Kollel Yad Shaul, simply known in Johannesburg as ‘’The Kollel”, has been in the forefront of strengthening and reintroducing Torah true Yiddishkeit in South Africa for over 40 years.


Banking details for Kollel Yad Shaul

  • The Kollel Foundation
  • Bank : Nedbank
  • Branch code: 198 765
  • Account number: 1919 564 136
  • Reference: Please include your name and surname

For receipts issued in terms of section 18A of the income tax act of 1962, please email info@kollel.org.za

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