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Here at the Kollel, Torah study continues as normally as possible. The avreichim are in the Beis Hamidrosh (with masks and precautions) toiling over the Shulchan Aruch while involved in the Dayanus Program. The Program is the Kollel’s attempt to make the world a better place by training a group of promising young men to qualify as Dayonim. This demands intense Torah study and integrity. The vision is to produce qualified Rabbinical Judges for the English-speaking community world-wide. We are also spreading greater awareness that our Divine Torah has a contemporary response to modern commercial disputes.

It has, however, become increasingly difficult to sustain our operations. KYS relies on contributions and partners who share our vision. We need additional funds to function.

Please consider supporting Torah and our special Choshen Mishpot program by choosing an option below to support an Avreich at KYS who is enrolled in the Dayanus Program.